Red walking/ Bruxelles

  1. Love the red, and how it contrasts with her more muted surroundings…

  2. Beautiful… So beautiful. Like a fashion photograph… Thank you and also Thank you for visitin my blog. I am glad to meet with your blog. With my love, nia

    • thak you .. so nice … I love your blog.. I ll follow you with plesure

  3. spinoza1111 said:

    O you are a DOLL to Like the latest state of Peter’s Crazy Aunt so fast! Perhaps next summer we shall see each other in your country, for I am staying with a Belgian friend. I like Belgium…it has a zippy national anthem!

    And the use of red here is to die for! It reminds me of Jan van Eyck who painted in your neck of the woods, which in his time was more or less under the sway of the Dukes of Burgundy, who had a tendency to sway because the local wines are so delicious!


  4. Amrita said:

    Ohmigawd! That is just plain orgasmic! the red is perfectly vibrant.

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