ilook Bruxelles

  1. Actually there are so many things that I can talk about them… First of all, your photographical style fascinated me. This is as you call street style but it is also your style too… You reall have a wonderful artistic eye as I said in previous posts… With your camera you creat a fashionable images… But some of them just a street life… but they are also so nice and so impressive… you carry the action or the ambience of the streets… Just I wonder now, how can you take people’s pictures… I can see some of them looking at your camera… some seem happy but some seem so serious… But all I can see they let you to be taken pictures by your camera… This is so nice. Once again nice to met you. Good Luck for New year, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • oh Nia , thank you a lot …but I just to try to learn….and This is the reason why I follow your blog, 🙂

      • I fully agree with niasunset, stay positive & humble all da way 2 da top.

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