Sex & The City / Bruxelles

  1. great choices, too funny all these ladies!! awasome layout. i would love to be on your blogroll and ill add you to mine! let me know!

  2. Judy said:

    How wonderful to show people of all ages having fun! We don’t stop having fun or traveling just because we reach a certain age #! Kudos to you! PS….thanks for the “like” on my blog. 😉

  3. straightofftherunway said:

    This is a beautiful picture. Not a lot of street style pictures show personality and you definitely let theirs shine through!

  4. RedCat430 said:

    lol cool!

  5. kerryl29 said:

    Very clever title for a great shot; it definitely tells us a story.

  6. this definitely makes me smile, totally love those old ladies having a great time!!

    have some wonderful holidays you all!!


  7. anotherphotonoob said:

    ha ha ha ha ha … nice one !

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