…… in construction…..

  1. Thanks for following me! I’m digging the idea of your blog as well as the pictures. I love that you have pictures of men and women and of different ages. I hope you can snag a picture of someone in overalls (I love overalls).

  2. Cowboy said:

    Howdy –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did, it looks like I’m going to enjoy yours also……..

  3. You have good pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading this page when i’s finished.

  4. seekraz said:

    Good morning – I saw that you stopped-by for a visit on my blog…thank you for letting me know you were there. 🙂

    You have a very compelling blog…I shall have to follow you now! Take care, Scott.

  5. Hi! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂 I happened to be based in Leuven for the time being. Let’s grab a coffee sometime.

  6. jacQQ said:

    great photos!
    i love how the posts, all you have is a picture &title.
    super simple but it says so much.

    &tks for following my blog:)

  7. Laura Hruska said:

    Hey! Thanks for liking my posts and following me! I really like your style of capturing street fashion, it makes me want to move to the city so that I can do my own people and fashion watching.


  8. Thank you for liking my posts on 20 Lines blog… I look forward to your own contributions.

  9. Bill said:

    Thanks for liking my Coupeville Pier at 20 Lines A Day. Looking forward to visiting your own blog many times in the future.

  10. Thanks a lot for your support on Bruges in December….

  11. I like a lot your pictures! What kind of camera do you use? and do people regularly pose for you? Lovely blog!

    • Thank you , 🙂 It s nikon D90 , 18=105. ..sometime I ask to the people..but sometime I like to capture some special thing and I don t do it , Thank you so much 🙂

  12. I am back again! 🙂 Your photographs are so “alive” so full and rich!!!

  13. BrunoH said:

    your pics are great, full of life 🙂
    I would love to shoot in a place like that

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